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Fatal Attraction: Why mosquitoes find us so attractive

Have you ever walked past a restaurant around lunchtime and found the smell alone was good enough to stop you in your tracks and...

The Life and Lies of Kudzu

Southerners see it everywhere: green tentacles snaking up the road signs, vines suffocating vast green meadows of trees. The infestation has become a trademark...

The Sweet, Sweet Taste of Ripening

Anyone who knows me knows my love for blueberries.  Besides being a nutrient-packed super fruit, blueberries are also a major agricultural commodity for Georgia....

Slimy, Yet Satisfying: Eating Insects for the Modern World

In the Disney classic, The Lion King, Simba finds out that Timon and Pumba eat nothing by way of mammalian meat. When he asks...

Night of the Living Bugs

Pretend for a moment you are a cockroach. Now, I don’t want to go all Kafka on you, but bear with me. You are...

Time to Rustle Up Some Grub!

So you heard about the health and sustainability benefits of eating insects and want to try entomophagy, huh? I had thought about doing this...