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What is Nanotechnology? Part One: Graphene


​Graphene with Carbon atoms being joined together to create the signature honeycomb pattern. Credit: UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences https://flic.kr/p/jaPN4p

You hear about nanotechnology on the radio and television, but what is it? Learn about this and one of the most promising pieces of nanotechnology, graphene, with this podcast hosted by Graham Grable.

Link One (Strongest Material), Link Two (Aluminum-Graphene Battery), Link Three (Water Desalination)Link Four (Nobel Prize)

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Graham Grable is an undergraduate student in the College of Engineering. Between playing with Arudinos and hanging out with friends, he can be found saving Jebediah in Kerbal Space Program. You can find him online at grahamgrable.com or email him at ggrable@uga.edu. More from Graham Grable.

Music and image references:

“Carefree” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) 

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