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Wednesday, April 21, 2021


Why Muscadines should be your next favorite fruit

Odds are if you’ve taken a walk in the woods you’ve noticed twisted, shaggy vines dipping down from the tree canopy and anchored to...

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Origami: The Ancient Art of Designing New Things

When thinking of origami you may imagine brightly-colored squares of paper folded into cranes and flowers. But did you know that origami has inspired the design of many everyday objects including take-out boxes and airbags? The art of transforming flat sheets into 3D objects can be used to design many devices in our modern day world.

Nuclear fallout or nuclear bailout: could nuclear power help save us from climate change?

In December, the US and 194 other countries signed the Paris Agreement, vowing to work together to prevent worldwide temperatures from rising 2 degrees...

The Rules of (chemo)Attraction

February is the month of love, and there is no greater depiction of pure and honest love than in the ABC reality show, the Bachelor. For those who have managed to avoid an episode of the bachelor or one of its many franchises for the past 15 years, the premise is simple:

Behind the Scenes of Academic Publishing

by Uma Nagendra: What is academic publishing, and why is it so special? Why does Science Magazine have a blog now? ASO goes behind the...

A Bad Year for Bugs – The Importance of Cold Winters for Insect Control

“It’s going to be a bad year for bugs.” Last month, I was frequently reminded of this expression as a seemingly endless supply of...

The Plague that Keeps on Giving: How Tuberculosis Gave us Vampires, Ice Cream Cones, and an International Health Crisis

Victims were pale and frail, blood stained their mouths, and after their death, their family members wasted away too, as if they were being...