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Thursday, February 25, 2021


Stand in the place where you live

Trees are all over, above us and below us. They connect soil to the atmosphere. They create forests and confer their beauty on our...

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Electricity in their Genes: Fishy Innovations & the Birth of New Genes

Imagine swimming in a muddy river with water so murky it was impossible to see. You’d have to depend on smell or hearing to...

Poison ivy’s chemical curse

by Uma Nagendra, Athens Science Café Ah, summer in the American South: the air is abuzz with cicadas, air conditioning, and aerosol bugspray. For many,...

Microplastics: A Macro Problem for Our Oceans

Ever wonder where those little plastic beads in your face wash end up? Or what happens to all the plastic bottles that don’t wash...

Vaccine 101: Global Health

You have learned about the history, ingredients, and benefits of vaccines in the Vaccine 101 series so far. As we continue Vaccine 101 I want to talk about the current initiatives, benefits, and future plans for vaccines as a major player in global health. Global vaccination averts two to three million deaths per year, reduces child mortality rates, and works toward worldwide disease eradication.

Awake While Dreaming?

You are in a meadow, walking. You reach the edge of a steep cliff, but you don’t stop…... wait, are you OK? Yes! You...

Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree – How Threatened Are Thy Branches

‘Tis the season for one of my favorite holiday traditions: selecting and decorating a Christmas tree. This annual holiday festivity became popular and widely...