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Monday, January 25, 2021


In defense of trees and those who cut them

Trees have received a lot of press lately. As wildfires tore through forests worldwide, President Donald Trump blamed the devastation on poor forest management....

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The stranger within: the story of mitochondria

Suppose you stop someone on the street to ask them a question. You offer them three words: what are mitochondria? Chances are, they will...

Cancer from a Tapeworm

by: Stephanie M. Halmo An article published last week in the New England Journal of Medicine linked tapeworm infection and cancer through a novel disease...

The Biology of Mental Illness

There is a mental health crisis in the STEM graduate community. In this series, “Mental Wellness,” we will highlight not only the mental state of...

Origami: The Ancient Art of Designing New Things

When thinking of origami you may imagine brightly-colored squares of paper folded into cranes and flowers. But did you know that origami has inspired the design of many everyday objects including take-out boxes and airbags? The art of transforming flat sheets into 3D objects can be used to design many devices in our modern day world.

“You study what?”: The trials of a misunderstood anthropologist

“So you’re studying anthropology,” my aunt said. “Are you finding any good bones?  How do you know where to dig?” I sighed. I should be...

Methods to the Madness: One Anthropologist’s Quest for the Perfect Interview Question

One purpose of anthropology is to understand human cultural diversity, and therefore the  methods to understand this diversity must delve into human experience. Cultural...