What is Nanotechnology? Part Two: Carbon Nanotubes

Graphene makes up the walls of a Carbon Nanotube. Credit: By Arnero (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Link: https://goo.gl/IwkfCo

Nanotechnology is rapidly growing field that is proving that very tiny things can have a huge impact. With this podcast, we talk about the impact Carbon Nanotubes can have on our society, and why they are being so heavily researched. Be sure to listen to Part One about Graphene. This podcast is hosted by  Graham Grable.

Link One (CNT Strength), Link Two (Making CNT’s), Link Three (Heat Properties), Link Four (Space Elevators with Neil Degrasse Tyson)


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Graham Grable is an undergraduate student in the College of Engineering. Between playing with Arudinos and hanging out with friends, he can be found saving Jebediah in Kerbal Space Program. You can find him online at grahamgrable.com or email him at ggrable@uga.edu. More from Graham Grable.

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