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Bionics: Shaping the Future One Body Part at a Time


The loss of limbs, sight, and control of body can lead to a dramatic decrease in the quality of life. 

But, an emerging field may offer the solutions needed to fix these problems. Join Graham Grable as he discusses some of the emerging technologies from Bionics.

Link One (Macular Degeneration Stats), Link Two (How the Eye Works), Link Three (Argus II Eye Implant), Link Four (e-dura Spinal Implant Research Paper)


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Graham Grable is an undergraduate student in the College of Engineering. Between playing with Arudinos and hanging out with friends, he can be found saving Jebediah in Kerbal Space Program. You can find him online at grahamgrable.com or email him at ggrable@uga.edu. More from Graham Grable.

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