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Getting around space, Star Wars style?


Normally the scientific community takes a stab at making science fiction a reality. But, science fiction took a page from science this time around. Learn about how the ion engines of Star Wars work in reality and how it is enabling space exploration, like never before.

Links: CubeSat PodcastSaturn V RocketIon Propulsion ScienceDawn Spacecraft and Ion PropulsionStarshot Project


Credit: Music: “Carefree” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Image: NASA’s 2.3 kW NSTAR ion thruster for the Deep Space 1 spacecraft during a hot fire test at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory by NASA

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Graham Grable is an undergraduate student in the College of Engineering. Between playing with Arudinos and hanging out with friends, he can be found saving Jebediah in Kerbal Space Program. You can find him online at grahamgrable.com or email him at ggrable@uga.edu. More from Graham Grable.

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