Hello and welcome to The Athens Science Observer!

We are a volunteer, student run science communication community dedicated to public engagement in scientific research and education. Our work is twofold, first we train students, both undergraduate and graduate, on how to communicate science effectively. We do this through experiential learning, as well as by promoting and sponsoring workshops, and group meetings. Second, our website provides a platform for our communicators to present their pieces, while our advertising partnership with the Athens Science Café, facilitates active engagement of these pieces with the public.

We are always looking to make The Athens Science Observer better, and we’d love to hear from you. If you have inquiries, or would like to become a writer, please contact us!


The Team:

Editor in Chief:

Michelle Ziadie

Associate Editor in Chief:

Michelle Ziadie, Rosemary Wills, Lydia Anderon

Assistant Lead Editor:

 Stephanie M. Halmo, Greg Evans

WUGA Editor:

Amanda O. Shaver, Michelle Dookwah


  • Amanda Piehler
  • Amanda Shaver
  • Amara Katabarwa
  • Ana Mandujano
  • Caitlin Reeves
  • Christina Ethridge
  • Christopher Pawling
  • Graham Grable
  • Greg Evans
  • Ellen Krall
  • Harrison Brock
  • Hayley Schroeder
  • Hilde Oliver
  • John Spiekerman
  • Jonathan Waring
  • Kaleigh Davis
  • Kathrine Kruckow
  • Katie Pieper
  • Kelly Kerr
  • Lauren Sgro
  • Leah Caplan
  • Lydia Anderson
  • Mackenzie Carter
  • Megan Prescott
  • Michelle Ziadie
  • Natalie Eldredge
  • Nick Batora
  • Paige Copenhaver
  • Rishi Masalia
  • Rosemary Wills
  • Sunishka Thakur
  • Stephanie Graham
  • Stephanie Halmo
  • Tyus Williams
  • Uma Nagendra

Past Leadership:


  • Amanda O. Shaver (Editor in Chief)
  • John J. Spiekerman (Editor in Chief)
  •  Rishi R. Masalia (Editor in Chief)

  • Tara Bracken (Assoc. Editor)
  • Jeffery B. Cannon (Editor in Chief)
  • Katie E. Pieper (Assist. Editor)

Past Contributors:

  • Aileen Ferraro
  • Alex Pilote
  • Anne Chesky Smith
  • Brent Davis
  • Christian Schwoyer
  • Gazal Arora
  • Holly McQueary
  • Ian Street
  • Jacqueline Cala
  • Jen De Moss
  • Jennifer Parrilli
  • Jeremy Yatvin
  • Joe Brice
  • Kasey Anderson
  • Laura Kraft
  • Nita Jain
  • Patrick Griffin
  • Ruby Harrison
  • Suzie Henderson
  • Theo Fountain
  • Tommy Dornhoffer


The Athens Science Observer and its partner the Athens Science Cafe are student operated organizations registered with the Center for Student Organizations at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. These groups are run by graduate students.