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The Ripple Effect


How do you feed the world when the world doesn’t have the water to feed itself? — Rishi R. Masalia

A finalist for the 2016 University of Georgia 3 Minute Thesis competition, Rishi R. Masalia talks about global water scarcity and how his PhD dissertation can help!

If you’re interested in this topic and want to know more, be sure to check out Rishi’s other posts on drought, as well as his infographics on water and food security in the 21st century.

Picture MeRishi R. Masalia is a PhD candidate in the Dept. of Plant Biology at the University of Georgia studying the genetics of drought resistance in sunflower. He is a former University of Arizona Wildcat, Coca-Cola addict, smooth dance machine, science fiction savant, and all around nerd. Rishi is a founding member of the Athens Science Cafe, and co-founder of the Athens Science Observer of which he is Editor-in-Chief and Advice Columnist. He can be reached at masalia@uga.edu, or followed on Twitter @RishiMasalia. More from Rishi Masalia.

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