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Speciation & the Mimulus Story


Ever wonder how new species begin? Join director and narrator Nick Batora and animator Rishi Masalia as they explore the evolutionary processes of speciation and how the genus Mimulus has been used to study it.

This video was made for students at the University of Georgia in BIOL 1107, an introductory biology lab, but is helpful for anyone studying these fundamental biological processes. Enjoy!

About the Authors:

NickBatora Nick Batora is a Ph.D graduate student in the Department of Genetics at the University of Georgia. He also is a plant biologist, enjoys hiking, and once received a gold ribbon in a hip-hop dance competition in Detroit, Michigan. He is also lead organizer for the Athens Science Café. For more information you can contact him at batorani@gmail.com. More from Nick Batora.
3MT competition Rishi R. Masalia is a PhD candidate in the Dept. of Plant Biology at the University of Georgia studying the genetics of drought resistance in sunflower. He is a former University of Arizona Wildcat, Coca-Cola addict, smooth dance machine, science fiction savant, and all around nerd. Rishi is a founding member of the Athens Science Café, co-founder of the Athens Science Observer of which he is Editor in Chief, and a Graduate Student Ambassador for the American Society for Plant Biologists. He can be reached at masalia@uga.edu, or followed on Twitter @RishiMasalia. More from Rishi Masalia.

Scientists featured: Andrea Sweigart (University of Georgia), Ben Blackman (University of California, Berkley)

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